Photos of distinct paths. Ones traveled, and yet to be.

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Image 8-1
Train Ride

Image 8-2
Traveling Mysteries

Image 8-3
Train Tracks

Image 8-4
Where We Were

Image 8-5
Spring Bridge

Image 8-6
Canoe Adventure

Image 8-7
Live Green

Image 8-8
Spring Fields

Image 8-9
Enter My Dreams

Image 8-10
Springtime Carriage Paths

Image 8-11
The Gates of Summer

Image 8-12
Garden Entrance

Image 8-13
European Neighbors

Image 8-14

Image 8-15
Twin Peaks

Image 8-16
From the Country

Image 8-17
Cloudy Skies

Image 8-18
Winding River

Image 8-19
Stand Your Ground

Image 8-20
Stairway to Heaven

Image 5-1
Ice Shelf